Work Experience

1. Sungard Availability Services
Role: Associate Engineer
Duration: Feb, 2018 - Present
Working on Front-end development, especially in JavaScript. More information can be found post contacting him.

2. Intel
Role: Intel Student Ambassador & Intel Software Innovator
The Student Ambassador Program is a developer affinity program associated while we are in college/university. It is designed to assist student experts in telling their story and share their expertise with other student data scientists and developers. Intel is working with universities across the globe to introduce this program. It's an amazing program!

3. Persistent Systems
Role: Internship and Final Year Project (Sponsorship)
Duration: July, 2017 - March, 2018
Final year project sponsored by Persistent Systems. Our project's domain is autonomous driving. We're using various machine learning algorithms to implement this. 

4. C-DAC, Pune
Role: Internship
Duration: June, 2017 -July, 2017
I was working on centralized admission process using Machine Learning. It uses extensive handling of csv data sets (.csv files) and several ML algorithms. The final results including ML tehniques should be ranked.  

5. DIAT, Pune
Role: Research Internship
Duration: December, 2016 - January, 2017
I studied Machine Learning Techniques and Computer Network Security. Finally, I worked on a research paper under my guide there and it was accepted at the IEEE International Conference in Chennai (WiSPNeT-17). I presented my paper at the conference.

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