My Ambitions

  Sooner or later, I see myself as an entrepreneur in my timeline. I have experience leading small teams however my inclination is towards the larger aspect. It is my philosophy to leverage technologies and solve problems at scale. The world is moving from mobile-first towards an Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing-first. I believe it’s important for us to understand the next technology wave because we should not just be carried away with it. I spend time trying to analyze that. There’s a huge overlap between my passion for technology, my ambition to convert it into a product and finally launch my career as a leader which greatly answers the question of why I chose Computer Science all my life, what drove me to innovation and what I ultimately want to achieve. There are many potentially huge bet projects which are unfortunately not commercialized in time resulting in the innovation within it ‘dying’ quickly. This has prompted me to always make commercialization as a part of my project (even if it’s in the later stages). During the beginning of my projects, I generally spend time taking guidance from senior mentors and want to ensure that if in case it is launched as a product, it affects masses globally at scale. 
    Finally, as an entrepreneur with our team, I want to build products which will allow us to solve some real-world problems and which would reach millions, if not billions around the globe. 

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