About me

    At 21, I keep thinking how and what technologies can be used to solve real-life problems. Being obsessed about technology, it's natural I guess to realize that I always keep thinking about some technology. If not that technology, I'm thinking about some other technology. I've filed a few engineering patents (10) and I'm pursuing research for which I shall file many more in the future.
Other than this, I've a bit technical experience on how some of the basic household machines, devices and electrical circuits work.
I strongly believe that life is a platform for learning and always want to keep learning something new.
For collaboration or any kind of help, please find me at this email address: soubhik11das@gmail.com

Why Me  

    Coding is one my hobbies and I really love to code in python. I have been coding since (I was 13) a long time (like from 8th grade [2009]) though I learnt python later. There are two things that match. AI and Machine Learning are the future and the best language to implement Machine Learning is python (arguably as many polls and stats state that it's better than R). What matches with this is that I love to train datasets in python and apply ML. To some extent, I have tried to build machine learning algorithms and have sometimes failed at it but I'm working on it as it's really interesting. Given a problem statement, I would definitely try to innovate as that's usually how I go about a problem.
    Other than filing those 10 patents, I have tried to look into the business aspect as well. I had got offers to sell my patents but I'm taking time to decide it step wise.
    I'm hugely passionate about technology and I everyday and almost 'every hour' think how we can use technology to solve real-life problems. Innovation is my passion really as I used to attach papers using self-made and long-lasting paper threads rather than using stapler. Further, I try to find people like me interested in innovation and work with as well as motivate them as far as I can.
    It won't be a problem of presenting my ideas/product to a big firm as I have done it in the past. Further, I had pitched my idea in a Hackathon in 2015. I have grace under pressure and know how to sell ideas to people.
    Moreover, I haven't completed my Bachelor's yet but it’s been a long time since I'm passionate about ideas.


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