Wednesday, 11 April 2018

A Very Warm Welcome


    You're visiting the official site of Soubhik Das. Currently, a final year engineering student who always wants to achieve more in life and is never satisfied with what he has achieved. Life has thrown all sorts of problems to him but he is not the kind of guy who gives up so easily. Give him less resources, he will still make a life out of it.Give him even a half-life, he will show how to live it to the fullest. Most importantly, give him any life, still he will still have mega-ambitious dreams. Tell him to follow the ordinary, he will show you that achieving 50-60% of the extraordinary is way more worthy than achieving 100% of the ordinary. Given the stature of his dreams, he is always fighting the odds and trying to get to his destiny.


The one who is ready to learn, unlearn and relearn is the most powerful person on this planet, just see how.......If you can learn anything, you can do anything. If you can do anything, you can achieve anything on this planet.

                                                 -Soubhik Das